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2012-2015 JK Wrangler

We are not selling a kit for this vehicle.  Please read below for information on the 2012-2015 kit

Due to the difficulty of installing a/c into the new Wrangler, and the computer not being programmed to add air conditioning we are not going to sell an ac kit for the 12-15 Wrangler.  The evaporator takes approx. 15 hours to install, the dashboard, pedals, steering column, and wire harness has to be removed from the vehicle.  Jeep designed the evaporator case to be surrounded by an aluminum case.  This case runs the length of the dashboard; the evaporator cannot be removed without removing this aluminum piece.  We chose to unplug every plug from behind the dash, the computer can also be unplugged from the computer on the passenger side.  We felt it would be easier to plug it back together this way rather than have to fight the grommet in the firewall, and figure out the plugs.  The Jeep is pre-wired for a/c but once the system is all installed the computer will not recognize the a/c system.   We were not able to find a way around this problem without bypassing the computer.  The a/c can be run off of a thermostat system but we do not deviate from having the highest quality kits, so we will not release a kit that could cause the Jeep to have codes produced due to the aftermarket a/c wiring.  

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