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Harmful Effects of the Improper Use of Dye

When dye is used correctly it can be very useful in detecting a leak. A minimal amount of dye is required for a system. An entire system only requires a ¼ of an ounce. When too much dye is put into a system it can have many harmful effects. The following are consequences of the effects of too much dye in a system.

  • When an ac system is in use the dye moves through the system but once the system is not running and it is at ambient temperature the dye coagulates. When the dye coagulates it can have many harmful effects on your system. The dye can coagulate in your compressor on initial start up and break a reed valve.

  • The dye can restrict the flow of Freon through your orifice tube or expansion valve.

  • The dye can clog up your condenser and cause a high head pressure to occur.

There are numerous harmful effects that dye can have on your system when it is not used properly that is why we inform our customers of its correct use.  If you are having a hard time detecting a leak we recommend the use of nitrogen. If you charge your system with nitrogen then take a spray bottle with soap and water you can spray around the lines and connections and see where the bubbles form. That will help you locate your leak.


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