All parts have a one year warranty.

DO NOT tamper with Oils unless given specific instructions. IT WILL VOID WARRANTY.

Prices, terms, conditions are subject to change without notice.

Performance of the A/C kit will solely depend on the installation. (If a system is installed incorrectly, Jeep Air will not be liable for the performance of the system, only the parts).

AIR PARTS new compressors are warranted to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 1 year  providing proper installation requirements are met. This warranty does not apply to any product that has been altered or improperly installed. Our compressors ship filled with the correct amount and type of oil, if you tamper with oil it will void your warranty. To receive a warranty you must replace accumulator/drier and expansion valve/orifice tube, and system must be properly cleaned. Most systems cannot be flushed, the components parts including the condenser and evaporator have to be replaced if there is contamination in the system. Problems caused either by incorrect installation or other essential parts in the system that were not replaced as needed, will not be covered under AIR PARTS warranty. AIR PARTS warranty covers the compressor only. The accumulator/drier & expansion valve/orifice tube are not covered due to compressor failure. This also means the warranty does not cover the other installers labor, nor do we warranty any refrigerant, compressor oil, flushing chemicals, or other supplies used during compressor installation.

Condenser Replacement:

Late model vehicles are designed with compact, high performance parallel flow condensers which have very small refrigerant passages. These small passages make it impossible for these condensers to be properly flushed. The condenser should be inspected at the inlet port (compressor discharge line) for signs of debris from a failed compressor. If any debris is present, it is highly recommended that the condenser be changed.

Jeep Air does not warranty any labor.

Warranty Returns can be handled in two ways:

  • Ship the warrantied part back to us for inspection. Once the part is approved for warranty you will be shipped a replacement part. (For further clarification on why a part would not be approved for warranty please see below)
  • If you need a replacement part immediately, you can provide us with a credit card and you will be charged for a replacement part and one will be shipped out. Once the warrantied part is shipped back to us, inspected and approved for warranty you will be issued a refund on your credit card.

Reasons why a part would not be approved for a warranty claim:

  • Improper installation (Some examples are: Cracked ear on compressor, crack in tube on evaporator core)
  • Unauthorized modification to the part (An example: adding dye or oil to a compressor when it specifically says not to)
  • If the technical department is unable to determine any defect with the part. If no defect is found, the part will be returned to the customer and a proper diagnosis will need to be done to find the real issue.

If a part is not approved for a warranty claim we will do our best to offer you a replacement product at a fair discounted price.

If you receive a defective/damaged part please contact us for an exchange. Jeep Air will not refund your account if you purchase another part in replacement of the defective part. 


All warranty claims are to be phoned in first. After the phone conversation, all parts are to be sent to Jeep Air accompanied with a receipt.

NO warranty claim will be valid without a receipt.

Please send all returns to:

Jeep Air
3611 NW 27th Ave
Ocala, FL 34475

Fax: (352) 732-2574

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