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How to convert an R-12 system to R-134a

If you have an old R-12 system and you want to convert it to an R-134a system. You will need to do the following:

The oil needs to be blown out of the system, and drained from the compressor. (DO NOT FLUSH COMPRESSOR) The compressor will have a drain on some models. The oil needs to be drained from the fittings that the hoses connect to and the drain if it is present.

The evaporator, condenser, and hoses need to be blown out with air.

To convert the system to R-134a you will need the following parts:

Pag 46 oil (six ounces for the entire system added back into the compressor; for Jeeps only) new drier, or accumulator drier, new expansion valve, or orifice tube, R-134a charge port adapters (high and low side)

By cleaning the oil out of the system, and replacing the parts listed above your vehicle will be ready to accept R-134a.

Note: If a system has an accumulator it will have an orifice tube. If the system has a drier it will have an expansion valve.

Note: If your Jeep has a york compressor your system will use eight ounces of ester oil. The drains are on the side of the body. Remove both drain plugs to drain it and fill it through one hole.

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