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How to use the Quick Disconnect tools?


View the corresponding pictures to see how the whole process goes.

1) What is a quick disconnect?
A quick disconnect is an a/c fitting that is used on most automobiles. The fitting consists of a male and female end, a spring, a housing to hold the spring, and two or three o-rings.


2) What is a quick disconnect tool?
The tool is actually a set of four tools. The four tools correspond to the four sizes of a/c lines. The lines are labeled in numbers from smallest to largest; #6, #8, #10, and #12. The fittings fit on the hose but will not close fully, unless force is applied. Be sure to use the correct size on the correct hose, the tools are plastic and can break if to much force is applied. The tool has a small inner rim that will force the spring open.

3) How do you take apart a quick disconnect fitting?
Special tools are needed to remove a quick disconnect. The tool is used to move the spring off of the female retaining "flare", see figure 1.1. After pulling the two fittings apart they will not separate until the tool is removed. If the system was not fully discharged leave the tool on until the refrigerant is removed.

4) How do you reattach a quick disconnect fitting?
The fittings push together with some force, and oil is recommended. The oil is to be applied to the o-rings and not anywhere else, only use the recommended a/c oil (PAG 20,46, 100, or 150). Make sure when pushing the fittings together that they "click" together, and cannot be pulled apart. If they are not pushed together properly they will blow apart when the system is charged.

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